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Reproductive technology is a living science plus strong faith in success, that's what it is.

It is thanks to science advances that we sometimes reach the impossible!

  • Our awards are the national award "Crystal Test Tube", that we have won for several years in a row, and most importantly – 3,600 babies born with our help. Thousands of happy stories!
  • Head of the Department of Reproductology, Konstantin Yuryevich Boyarsky, is a Candidate of Medical Sciences, Board Certified in Reproductology, and a member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. He has more than 60 scientific papers and is famous for pioneering in IMSI methods, methods of minimal ovarian stimulation, natural cycle IVF, and others.
  • Our doctors are K.Y. Boyarsky's students. They have been part of our team since the opening of the center, and they are constantly growing and teaching others, in Russia and abroad. In their work, they apply and improve the best Western experience.
  • We were at the origins of ART in Russia and continue to implement our unique experience in everyday practice. There is less and less impossible left.

Successful experience & stories

The success rate of GENESIS is due to our commitment to the scientific approach and precision in procedures.

IVF and preimplantation genetic diagnosis for Schwachman-Diamond syndrome

A girl born in 2009 with a severe genetic disorder was transplanted with stem cells from her younger brother, who was born completely healthy using IVF in 2014. The girl feels well, and this is the first case in history of this syndrome being cured.

The method and the project were developed by the Human Stem Cells Institute and the Genetico Center. Our center carried out IVF, and the cell transplantation was carried out by the Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Transplantology named after R.M. Gorbacheva. The Stem Cells Bank sponsored the project that showed the world the possibilities of medicine and genetics as a science, and gave people hope.

  • Please watch our documentary film Arina if you are interested in more details.
IMSI: Higher quality and spot-on precision. We brought the method to Russia
Endometriosis. An alternative to expensive surgery and ovarian preservation: Our method
PRP therapy treating infertility: Ovarian rejuvenation
UCG: Both diagnosis and treatment. Come to the examination and get pregnant
Find out your ovarian reserve and don't miss out on precious time of childbirth

Development of reproductive technologies in the world and in Russia

Unique experience of using ART for the treatment of a hereditary disease


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