Our team specializes in fertility treatments Infertility may be caused by various factors – thus, there are different approaches to treatment.

Assisted reproduction treatments

Assisted Reproduction includes medical procedures aiming to treat female or male fertility problems, or both.

Fertility preservation

This procedure allows you to save your eggs by freezing at -196º. Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, ensures eggs' preservation and provides the ability to get pregnant in the future. Thus, you can decide when it is the suitable time to get pregnant.

Fertility techniques and testing

Professional fertility techniques and tests are used to prepare you to assisted reproduction and enable its successful undergoing.


We are committed to ensure you have the ability to  become a mother and guarantee you that it will be achieved within a maximum period of two years.


Unsurpassed Quality of International Medicine Practice

It is crucial to thoroughly consider all the details that influence your treatment plan. Among other matters, you need to know how to get to the clinic, which is especially important for non-residents.


Medical tourism

You still have an opportunity to use the services of our Reproduction Center, if you live in another city.



Online consultation

Start diagnostics and individual planning for infertility treatment remotely. It will optimize the length of your stay in our Reproduction Center, as well as financial costs.



What is GENESIS?

The success rate of GENESIS is due to our accuracy and commitment to the scientific approach. We conduct scientific research and have more than 100 scientific publications dedicated to solving infertility-related problems we focus on. Our team includes only highly trained experts, and we monitor the quality of all provided procedures.

GENESIS reproduction center

We successfully solve family health and reproduction problems.

If you dream of having a baby but cannot get pregnant, turn to experts who provide professional assistance and support. GENESIS reproduction center will help you in this important matter.

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Facts and Figures

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IVF efficiency
were born with our help
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of successful overcoming infertility using ART

Schedule an appointment

Connect our Patient Service department to make an appointment. To arrange the date and time, our staff will need your personal details and a brief summary of the reason for your first visit, which includes:

  • previous treatments, if provided,
  • previous tests, if performed.

We need this information so that our experts can prepare for your consultation.


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